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scientific findings on the species rachelopithecus anemensis

i live in a world of what the hells

hawaiian punch on tap, HPOT
17 October
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"You could always write a depressing Broadway play."
"Yea, it could be about people coming to terms with things."

"If William Shakespeare were alive today, he wouldn't be writing plays, he'd be making answering machine messages."

i like robots.
i make clay fetuses for a living.
i write entirely too much.
i am sick sick sick of star tattoos.
snakes + clowns + death = the sum of all fears.
i want to be indiana jones.
i love aloo gobi.
i want to dig up aldous huxley's corpse and marry it.
i'm like harriet the spy...
i can't help it if i know what i like, and i know that i like tomato sandwiches.
2001, 50s nostalgia, a clockwork orange, aldous huxley, alliteration, aloo gobi, archaeology, ayn rand, blinky, bounty hunters, brave little toaster, brave new world, breastfeeding, cartoons, catch 22, chameleons, cherry coke, christopher lowell, chubbiness, clavicles, cletus fetus, clicks and buzzes, crappy 80s movies, crome yellow, dave attell, degrassi: the next generation, dinosaurs, early 60s fashion, early humans, esther williams, fake identities, feminism, feto, fetopia, fetopia.net, fetos, fetus, fetuses, flamingos, foreign languages, friends of salad, frogs, goldfish, guys in girl underwear, hal sparks, harriet the spy, hentai, hippopotamuses, history, homebirth, hungry hungry hippos, iguanas, indiana jones, insomniac, internal vagina shots, invader zim, it's pat:the movie, jalapeno chips, japanimation, jellyfish, jesse bradford, joseph heller, kids in the hall, latin, le tigre, lip gloss, lolita, marilyn monroe, mermaids, mockery, my rabbits, napalm, natural birth, orange soda, osaka seafood concern, patrick star, periods.for.artistic.value., photo doctoring, political soapboxes, punk rock, punk uniforms, queer as folk, quiet, religion, rent, rko girls, robots, roller derby, s'mores, sailor moon, sailor pluto, salty pickles, sam kinnison haters, samurai jack, sea foam green, sex and the city, shameless self promotion, six feet under, skeletons, some like it hot, spicy food, spongebob squarepants, squids, squishy innards, star wars, starfish, sushi, sweetest fetus, the family guy, the sandlot, the simpsons, the sopranos, thor hammercock, tim curry, todd, trading spaces, treehouse of horror, ugly, umbilical jump roping, vegans, warm soda, xenophobia, yoga, zam wesell